FreeTrack allows you to get more immersion out of your games
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FreeTrack is a free program designed to track and interpret optical motion. Its main purpose is to add immersion to simulator games, such as racing or flight simulators. This is a Free version of a great tracking device called Track-IR. FreeTrack works by tracking LED lights over a web-cam and interpreting those results as head movements, that can be passed to a simulator in real time. It is not the same to look at your cockpit switched just by lowering your head a little bit instead of using the mouse to look. Besides the software, you need a good web camera, and a LED device so you can place on your head. The devices have to be built by yourself, but there are tutorials on their website and it is not rocket science. They have 4 methods of tracking: 4 points setup on a cap, 3 points setup on a cap, 2 point setup on headphones, and a single point cap. The software works pretty stable. There is the case where light in your room can cause some weird effects, but overall is pretty good. It is a budget choice for simulator gamers that want to get the most out of them.

Ismael Mireles
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  • You have to build your LED tracking device
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